Cobalt REACH Consortium (CoRC)

Three REACH Consortia have been established by the Board of the Cobalt Institute (CI) to implement REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) on behalf of the cobalt industry, with the purpose of preparing the registration dossiers for cobalt and cobalt compounds.

A separate wholly-owned subsidiary of the CI called CoRC (Cobalt REACH Consortium Ltd.) acts as The Secretariat to the Consortia. Both the CI and CoRC are not-for-profit organisations.

CoRC has now completed the REACH registration of the many cobalt substances covered by the three consortia.

CoRC encourages wide membership and active participation in the consortia activities. Interested companies with several cobalt substances are invited to consider joining one or more of the consortia. For further information see About Us.

Cobalt Reach Consortium

Second Public Consultation on the five cobalt salts

The Restriction process for the 5 Co Salts has now been put to consultation (closing 25 May), following a meeting of the SEAC in March.


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