A number of cobalt substances are subject to a harmonised classification (EU CLH) and to some REACH regulatory procedures.

Five cobalt salts (cobalt sulphate, cobalt dinitrate, cobalt dichloride, cobalt carbonate, cobalt diacetate) have a harmonised classification as CMRs and have been placed on the Candidate List as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs). They have been proposed by ECHA for Restriction under REACH and are currently being assessed by ECHA’s Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Assessment (SEAC) Committees.

In addition, cobalt metal is being proposed for harmonised classification as a CMR.

The Cobalt REACH Consortium follows these procedures closely and coordinates advocacy activities across the cobalt industry as needed. The Cobalt REACH Consortium /Cobalt Institute generate scientific data on cobalt and cobalt substances, and other technical and socio-economic information is collected from members and where necessary from the Downstream Users.

The Secretariat uses this information for submissions into public consultations for regulators and policy-makers to make informed decisions on the benefits against the risks of the use of cobalt substances.

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