CLH (Classification and Labelling Harmonisation)

All hazardous substances must be (self)classified and labelled by manufacturers, importers and downstream users. Classification of these substances is required to ensure a high level of protection to human health as well as the environment.

Classifications and labelling should be formalised and harmonised for substances with the highest concern (e.g. CMRs and respiratory sensitizers). The harmonisation proposal made by a Member State is implemented by the CLH (classification and labelling harmonisation) process. This process requires that hazards are appropriately communicated in the supply chain, and enables users to ensure that adequate risk management measures ensure that adequate risk management measures are taken for these hazardous substances.

All manufactures, importers or downstream users should apply the harmonised classification listed in the Annex VI of the CLP Regulation to the associated substances and also to any mixtures containing the substance.

Please visit the ECHA website for further information relating to the CLP Regulation and CLH process.


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