Regular Membership

Companies who are interested in several cobalt substances are invited to consider joining the consortia as a regular member.

View the current list of Regular Consortium Members here.

Each Consortium is managed through a Steering Group comprised of all manufacturers and/or importers who are the co-registrants of the cobalt substances (Regular Members).

Technical Working Groups for each Consortium have also been set up to undertake the scientific and technical work necessary for the preparation and maintenance of the registration dossiers.

The full Consortium Steering Group meets twice a year, with at least one meeting being held in-person. A core group of members (appointed by the Steering Group) form the Executive Committee, and hold regular (monthly) teleconference call meetings. The Working Groups (Blue, Red, Green) hold full meetings in-person twice a year, and also hold regular teleconference call meetings as required. There are also several Project teams and Task groups, comprised of volunteers from the company members, who hold meetings as needed to work on specific topics and tasks, such as preparation of position papers or joint responses for public consultations.

Consortium Agreement

Example copies of the Consortium Agreement can be downloaded here:

The cost-sharing principles and illustrative costs associated with Regular Membership are outlined in the Funding Structure Document.

Benefits of Consortia Membership

Ownership of the data is a key incentive for joining the Consortium.

There are also many other benefits of Consortium membership, and these have been listed below.



Technical Aspects

If you would like to know more about the requirements of REACH for cobalt compounds or about the activities of the Cobalt REACH Consortia, please contact the Secretariat at:


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