Data Sharing

The Cobalt Consortia encourage a wide membership and active participation in all consortia activities. There are several options available to meet the needs of both EU and non-EU industry companies, as well as for the downstream users of cobalt substances:

CoRC was established in November 2007 to facilitate compliance with REACH obligations on data sharing and joint submission for companies involved in manufacturing and/or importing cobalt substance, and to reduce the industry-wide costs of compliance. The consortium agreements governing each of the Consortia are available for signature and are effective from the 1st November 2007. There have been several amendments since 2007.

A list of the cobalt substances identified for each of the three Consortia may be found on the respective pages:

Should you have an interest in joining one or more of the Cobalt REACH Consortia then please contact the Secretariat, indicating which substance(s) and tonnage band(s) you would like to register.

View the current list of Consortia Members here.


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