License to Use (LtU)

In some instances, companies (Consortium members and non-members) may request the use of EU REACH data collected by CoRC for purpose of read-across, or for purposes other than REACH (i.e. use of the data outside of the EU). For these purposes, a Licence to Use (LtU) agreement will be required. The following possibilities have been outlined:

It is expected that each case will be slightly different, and so each case will need to be specifically prepared for each company using the appropriate version of the LtU agreement.

External companies, including holders of LoAs, will need to contact the Secretariat to discuss their case and how to proceed. Interested companies will need to provide a letter to the Secretariat outlining their intentions and request for use of CoRC data.

The costs associated with the LtU Agreement can are outlined in the Funding Structure Document.

If you would like to know more about the requirements of REACH for cobalt compounds or about the activities of the Cobalt REACH Consortia, please contact the Secretariat at:


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