As part of the REACH Regulation, all companies are responsible for collecting the required information on the properties and uses of their substances, along with their own assessment of the hazards and potentials for the substance. This information is submitted to ECHA via a Registration dossier.

Manufacturers and/or Importers of cobalt and cobalt substances at volumes above 1 tonne per year require a registration dossier and registration number in order to manufacture or import their substances in the EU. All the registration deadlines have now passed and so all companies should have registered their substances.

Downstream users of cobalt and cobalt compounds do not have to register, however there are requirements relating to the provision of information on their uses. As part of the registration dossier, manufacturers and importers that submit chemical safety assessment(s) are also required to generate ‘Exposure Scenarios' covering the uses of their substances. Information on exposure that is required to develop the Exposure Scenarios will need to be provided to the manufacturers by the downstream users. Downstream users involved in less common applications should ensure that their uses are included in the registration dossiers.


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