Restriction is the regulatory process under REACH where a Member State or ECHA can notify its intention to prepare a restriction proposal via the ROI (Registry of Intentions), for a substance that causes concern in regard to its unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. It is also possible for ECHA to propose a restriction on articles containing a substance on the Candidate (SVHC) List.

ECHA or the Member State will submit a restriction proposal that includes background information such as the identity of the substance, justifications for the proposed restrictions as well as any identified risks, and information on alternatives.

During the Restriction process, industry is able to provide its views and comments on the proposal via public consultations, where information on the data/science, feasibility, practicality and socio-economic implications can be provided for review by ECHA and the ECHA Committees.

Once a decision has been made by the European Commission, and the new Restriction has been entered into Annex XVII of REACH, then these restrictions must be complied with by manufacturers, importers, distributors, downstream users and retailers.

Please visit the ECHA website for further information relating to the Restriction process.


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