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Use of the CoRC Website System

The Cobalt REACH Consortium Ltd. (CoRC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The CI (Cobalt Institute) and provides The Secretariat services for the three Cobalt REACH Consortia. The consortia members include companies that are manufacturers and/or importers of cobalt substances, who have submitted REACH Registration dossiers for one or more of the cobalt substances that are covered by the consortia. CoRC and the CI are not-for-profit organisations.

The Secretariat is supporting the consortia members in the communications and other activities associated with REACH and CLP processes for the cobalt substances covered by the consortia.


CoRC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The CI who are authorised to act as a Trustee for confidential matters. Additional details regarding how information is collected, stored and used, are outlined below. However if you would like to discuss how your contact details and information will be treated then please contact us at: REACHinfo@cobaltinstitute.org

How do we protect your information?

As required by the UK Data Protection Legislation, CoRC and CI follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access.

What can you copy from this site?

All information contained in the CoRC website is, to the extent possible, copyrighted and otherwise proprietary. You may use certain information from this web site, provided (1) you acknowledge CoRC as the source, and include the corresponding URL, and (2) you make no modifications to it.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Company Membership (i.e. access to the CoRC website) covers two employees, who may register to use the CoRC website system using their corporate (not personal) email address or login password for identification purposes. One representative should be for the technical aspects of Consortium activities and the second should be involved in the more strategical discussions and activities.

Accuracy of Content

CoRC does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within this website. Neither CoRC nor The CI shall be liable for any damage resulting from the use, access, or inability to use information on the site.


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